Jail Release Options

Ways to Get Released from Jail

The first thought on most everyone’s mind once they get arrested is when and how they can get out of jail. There are actually several ways that this can happen. Much of it depends on factors such as your past offenses, the seriousness of the offense, and your financial well being.

There are 5 ways to be released from jail in Inglewood:

Property Bond- The most rare form of bond, a property bond is generally only used in cases with extremely high bail amounts. This can happen with federal charges. A monetary amount generally won’t cover such high bond fees, so the defendant allows for a lien to be put on their property by the court. The property must be worth 150% the cost, and if you skip out on court dates, the property will be foreclosed on.

Cash Bail- This is an easy way out if you have the money. You pay all the bail upfront and will get it back at the end of the trial.

Bail Bond- This is the most common way as you only have to pay 10% for a state offense and 15% for a federal charge to get out of jail.

Own Recognizance- This is granted by a judge when you can be trusted to show up at court without some kind of collateral. This often occurs when the person has family and a job in the area and no other offenses.

Cite Out- This is when the offense is so minor the judge feels it is appropriate to issue a citation for the charge, provide information on court dates, and then let the offender go.

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