Inglewood CA man denied bail after previously dodging court dates

An Inglewood man, Andrew S., 35, was caught with 1.8kg of cannabis in his car.  He was stopped by police on 7/12/13 for a traffic violation. He was charged with trafficking and possessing cannabis and has failed to appear in court for past offenses, so after being pulled over by police he will not be allowed to post bail bonds in Inglewood.

The Inglewood California man has already failed to show up to court for 2 other charges this year. As he was being arrested he told the officer to “lose some weight”.

The court was of the opinion that Mr. S. had a history of showing up to court as required, and as a result denied him bail. This is a rather unusual occurance, as bail in Inglewood is usually granted, with the exception of if the court has reason to believe that the suspect will not show up to their trial. Mr. S. has been ordered by the court to appear before a judge on the 17th.