Following Arrest

What Happens Following an Arrest in Inglewood

Before an offender even sees a jail cell, he or she must be processed and booked. Depending on where the jail is and how busy they are, this could be a quick process or it could even take up to 12 hours.

1. The offender will be searched.

This is to see if there is any weapons, drugs, or anything else illegal on the person. If there is they could be charged in related to that.

2. All belongings are inventoried and signed for.

No one is allowed to have their personal items in the jail with them. The jail labels them and puts them away for when he or she is released.

3. Fingerprinting

4. Background check is performed

This tells them of any previous charges that might affect bail, penalties or jail time as well as alerts of any outstanding warrants.

5. Cross referencing in the criminal database

This is to find and update them in the system

6. The offender will be led to the cell.

At this time they may be allowed to decide or even research release options as well as make phone calls. This time is crucial for getting all the information you need to tell our bail bondsmen. We will need a full name, where the person was arrested, and what jail they are being held at in order to proceed.

Once all of this is done, we can swiftly negotiate release on bond. Contact us, and we will start the process immediately. Call 310-405-0819.