Bounty Hunters

What Bounty Hunting is Really Like

When we think about bounty hunters we think about action packed movies that we’ve seen or picture the old west with outlaws on horses being pursued. While some of that happened, it’s really not like that most of the time.

The modern purpose of a bounty hunter is to work for a bail bondsman. When someone skips bail, the bounty hunter seeks out the offender to bring them in and gets a percentage of the bail. Bounty hunters are necessary because if a defendant decides not to show at a court date, the bail bonds agency must pay bail in full. Bounty hunters must bring back the bail jumper to recover that lost money.

A bounty hunter’s job is a hard one. Bail jumpers don’t want to be found. A lot of investigating goes into finding the fugitive, and a bounty hunter doesn’t have as many resources as law enforcement. Most of the job entails researching, asking around, and staking out places where the fugitive might be. It is usually no more exciting then this, and when it is, it is dangerous.

Bounty hunters are also very limited by law now. Some states require certification, and no harm can comes to the fugitive. The only special rights give are that the fugitive’s property may be entered without a warrant, and the hunter has the right to arrest without reading any rights, because a bail jumper, in essence, has given up their legal rights by skipping town.

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